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New schematic maps of the

13 January 2018

Added Barry Doe railmap39, WMT leaflet map

11 January 2018

Added TOCs v43 Jan 2018, TOCs AS v29 Jan 2018

6 January 2018

Added ACoRP summary and zoom maps for 2018, and six others. Changed SAYLSA CRP to South West Scotland CRP.

2 January 2018

Updated Google analytics image. Added Cheshire Science corridor HS2, great-western-rail-franchise-consultation

10 December 2017

Created new West Midlands Trains page and added lnr_network_dr_map, lnr_wmr_combined_network_dr_map, wmr_network_dr_map

8 December 2017

Added South London map (Southern) Max Roberts, Rail Time map (Whitehead), London_Midland_Rail_Network_Sagredo, LO ELL Night Service (also to MapWatch), Amsterdam Eric Hammink, Amsterdam Max Roberts Dec 2017, Amsterdamtram_20180722, TOCs v42f Dec 2017 HS2+CR1, TOCs AS v28c Dec 2017, West Midlands v4, Manchester v8,

Updated NRE detail maps: West Midlands v4, Manchester v8, Liverpool v4

2 November 2017

Added Chiltern routemap2, Camden Town track diagram, A Series of Twin Tubes, London rail crowding maps.

1 November 2017

Added Singapore MRT LRT 17, Singapore pre 1987, System map with legend_Oct2017, System Map with NELe-new version-Nov17, LTA Walking System Map, Transport Design Consultancy map and Transport Design Consultancy map grid.

19 October 2017

Added Dolomites, London Pneumatic Tube System map, North Clyde platform map, SBB, Swiss Rail map, Wine descriptions map.

16 October 2017

Added Rail map smallscale anagram, Berlin S-Bahn 1931, Berlin Stärke des Verkehrs, Inn Line, PTT20 Exeter and Salisbury timetable cover, PTT25 Romsey to Sailsbury timetable cover, PTT28 Weymouth Bournemouth timetable cover.

5 October 2017

Reviewed Links.

22 September 2017

Added North Eastern Railway, London Tube Harry Beck 1961, Singapore 20170619-train-system-map-operating, Temperature update from London Tube Network, Rail map v25 anagram, london-university-student-guide

2 September 2017

Added dlr-route-map June 2017, Gold Card Dgm Key, Surrey Best Impressions, bicycles-on-public-transport

21 August 2017

Added David Milne London map and inset, avoiding-stairs-tube-guide map July 2017, Bakerloo proposed-route-map, toilets-map July 2017, tube-map-with-tunnels July 2017, 151021-wales-borders-rail-network-map-en, METRO phase_02, Metro V2.1 with Key, Metro_map, elizabeth-line-crossrail-tube-map, Eliptical Paris, Hyperloop-London-to-Edinburgh-large_trans, SWR network map, SWR map 6c

Replaced SW Metro map with SW 160224-potential-metro-map-image-en (higher rez), added Hyperloop page

20 August 2017

Added TOCs v40 Aug 17, TOCs AS v27 Aug 17.

21 June 2017

Added Singapore MRT LRT 16, Singapore 20170619-train-system-map-future_v2, Plano Red de Metro (Santiago Chile), roman-empire-subway

20 June 2017

Added KAL airline route map, river-services-map, riverbuses_full, tube_43

19 June 2017

Added Yugoslavia rail map from Titos blue train, ZAT map 1957, Obdobje 1868-1876, Obdobje 1876-1900, Obdobje 1900-1918, Obdobje 1918-1945, Obdobje 1945>, Air Canada map, berlin_1988_overprint_400, Hadrians Wall, HK Railway Concentric Circle Map by Sameboat, Inter-City Sleepers Overground by night, NY Regional Diagram 2017, Osaka by JR, routemap_taiwan_Himawari Design Laboratory, London_Rail_Tube May 2017, London_South_East May 2017, northern-map-september-2016

16 June 2017

Added zg_tram_network 2013, Zagreb-Tram-Maps-Map 2000, ZET_Zagreb 2009 (By ZET - Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj Mreža Dnevnih Tramvajskih Linija), zagreb-map Urban rail, zet-zagreb-tram-map 2013

2 June 2017

Added Kaliningrad trolleybus map 1990, Kaliningrad tram map 1990

1 June 2017

Added live-music-tube-map1

27 May 2017

Replaced All Line Rover and Anglia Plus Rover with latest versions 5 and 2. Added Cities of North England 1, Breckenridge ski map, New York ferry map, Washington color_map_silverline 2013.pdf, Great_Northern_route_map 2014

22 May 2017

Added TOCs AS v25 May 2017, TOCs AS v26 June 2017

19 April 2017

Added Atlanta, ChicTrans-1913-001, Dft SWT map, Doha airport, lizzie, LU Defibrilator map, south-western-railway-3, luas_1, luas2

4 April 2017

Derby, Manvhester and Leeds NRE detail maps updated

30 March 2017

TOCs AS v24 April 2017 added

29 March 2017

Added TPE rover Map_Geo_Oct2016-LIV-HUL, tpe_map_geo_oct2016

17 March 2017

Added Metrolink v8 Feb 2017 and Metrolink stripmap v2.

24 February 2017

Changed email contact address in black box to 'Contribute by sending your views to ProjectMapping'. Updated file name to ProjectMapping11. Added Manchester v7.

23 February 2017

Added TOCs AS v23 Feb 2017, Metrolink-web-map Feb 2017, SOE 1934 2_fmt, TfL's rail network map 2019, Eurotunnel teatowel map, kolkata-local-trains, London cycle superhighway map, Munich mdb_208324_netz16_sb_a1, OfficialNationalRailmaplarge 2015, loco2 country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 D country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 E country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 F country_rail_map_images-original, loco2 I country_rail_map_images-original, Metropolitan Railway old 1, Metropolitan Railway old 2

17 january 2017

Added Capital Connect, Deesideconnect, Swansea Connect, Cardiff Underground, Xmas card Twitter 2016, Deloite, Dorothy-0113-Alternative-Love-72dpi-Master-High, Peter Dovak 3066938-inline-i-1-what-transit-maps-reveal-about-cities-around-the-world, Sheffield pub, The Times TOC ownership map, Future Southeast Asia map, Ditsek beck-singapore-mrt-with-diamond-ccl1, Ditsek northern-line-strip-map5, Ditsek xrail-elizabeth-line3, Ditsek tube-map-1913, London-on-Sea 2100, Super Mario London tube map, Underground 1946 map, Ditsek mtr-with-station-numbering, London Christmas map 2016, London_Rail_Tube_Map_Dec16, NS-buitenlandse-verbindingen 1951, nottingham bus network dgm rhn final feb16, Nottingham rh-lrg-network-map

15 January 2017

Replaced Freedom of Scotland rover with Spirit of Scotland Travelpass.

12 January 2017

Added Ditsek overground-strip-map-with-fare-zones, Ditsek overground-strip-map, Max Roberts Overground_trai

11 January 2017

Replaced updated Rovers: Cumbria Round Robin, Central Scotland Rover, Freedom of Scotland.

8 January 2017

Added Theodore Ditsek to Links page.

30 Dec 2016

Added Sri Lanka rail map

29 December 2016

Created and added 'Singapore maps compare' (not added to count).

9 December 2016

Added TOCs v38d Dec 2016, TOCs AS v22 Dec 2016, Manchester v6 Rail map Dec 2016

1 December 2016

Added Wien S/U-Bahn map Oct16

30 November 2016

Added london-overground-network-map May 2016, LU map MR SDG Nov16, night-tube-map-1 Nov16, night-tube-taxi-rank-guide Nov16, london-metro-subway-tube-rail-map Jug Cerovic 2, Metrolink-system-map Nov 2016, manchester-rail-map

21 November 2016

Added Bristol MetroWest MR Oct16, 1956_ParisMetro_2Color_2500px, fr-paris-metro-pdf-map, fr-paris-stif-pdf-map

17 November 2016

Created Austria page and added OBB Bahnnetz, Vienna Dec15, Vienna rail Dec15, Vienna subway S-Bahn Tram

15 November 2016

Added 1941 London Underground Hans “Zéró” Schleger, Mistletoe map, 4xRoberts_Rose_TRA_2017_Page_11_Images

12 November 2016

Added two Virgin E & W C maps (to two pages)

2 November 2016

Added IoW strip map

30 October 2016

Added London Tube Map by Zuti, Berlin Metro Map by Zuti, New York Subway Map by Zuti, Paris Metro Map by Zuti

28 October 2016

Added GWR_map, B Doe railmap35, bf-map (Bristol Ferry), London_Midland_city_routes 2, London_Midland_route_map_2016 (4), TEZ in-car map x 2, TEZ station map

24 October 2016

Updated site to v10, changed UK maps on home page to direct access with new cyan oval archive buttons to take user to review page. This makes it easier to view UK maps immediately. Updated ML1 maps.

22 October 2016

Added SE HiSpeed tmtb cover map, Prague metro_tram_daily_stops, NYC transit flow 1954, mikeyashworth (North East Manchester), mikeyashworth Lancs, Euston Northern & Victoria lines map

20 October 2016

Added csroute2, The Broads, SL_Spårtrafik (Sweden); created new Slovakia page added Bratislava Night-Routes-20160905, Bratislava Trams-Streetcars-20160822, Bratislava Trams-Streetcars-20161017, Bratislava Trolleybuses-20160704, BratislavacDay-Routes-20160718, Slovakia mapa_s_cislami_jun2016

19 October 2016

Added TOCs v37 Oct 2016

17 October 2016

Added 1971_GM_Rail_Ash, north-london-line, carte_generale_en_0, Berlin U/S-Bahn 1969

13 October 2016

Added SNCF voyageurs 1976 İRudi Meyer. TOCs AS v21 Oct 2016 replaced TOCs AS v20 Sept 2016.

24 September 2016

Added MainLine One page and three maps: England, Compact and Strip.

22 September 2016

Added Brussels Plan_Metro_Train_201604, dft essex-thameside, dft franchise bid west-midland-business-unit-map, londonlayout peter saxton tube, network uk map 2014, western_section_route_map_nov2013

7 September 2016

TOCs AS v20 Sept 2016 replaced TOCs AS v19 July HS2.

4 September 2016

Added Metrolink-system-map Aug 2016, Erie Canal map, USA EC canal map, Portugal mapa_rede, Slovakia map_large, Provincial Airways poster, Slovenia zemljevid_zeleznisko_omrezje_b, tfl-rail-map, walking-times-tube-map Aug 2016, steps-tube-map Aug 2016, xitaly_high_speed_train_map.png.pagespeed.ic.50NMGprJ_0, China high-speed-railway, China high-speed, China rail-routes, China railway

25 August 2016

Added: Romania Anexa 1a, carte_metro_rio_de_janeiro, carte_train_rio_de_janeiro, Finland long distance koko-suomi, Norway strekningskart-540, Turkey tcddharita

18 August 2016

Added 4186 Goldline map interactive 20130114, Albania HSH, Italy ENGL-RETE-COMPARTIMENTI-A3, NL Baanvaksnelheden, Denmark Railmap

11 August 2016

Created new ACoRP Community Rail Partnership maps page with 58 maps.

10 August 2016

Added High Speed UK map2-1, HSUK map

6 August 2016

Added highland_rover_map, ScotRail interactive map, spirit-of-scotland-map-1603

4 August 2016

Added NorthernConnectMap_July16, Leeds TramTrain Rail mag 8/2016, SW_Metro. Created new page 'Northern Hub/HS3' with northern-transport-strategy-spring-2016 map 1 and 2.

29 July 2016

Created new page for Liverpool Underground maps created by Kayla Bibby: LU-2022 A3, LU-2027 B23, LU-2030 B13, LU-2032 B23, LU-2037 B13, LU-2042 A1, LU-2047 B, LU-2050 A

18 July 2016

Added Metro-Map-Redo-23l, Utrecht Jug Cerovic

8 July 2016

Added HS2Y 4 (14.4d)

7 July 2016

Added TOCs AS v19 July HS2, Narnia Map Luke Morreau, GWR MAP December 2015, gwr station map 2016, GWR Xsanda

14 JUNE 2016

Added NSE Slatter 1992, Paris map Constantine Konovalov June 2016, Tehran, Tube bicycle map 2016, walking-tube-map

13 June 2016

Added AGA May 2016, B Doe railmap33, crossrail_regional_route_map_march_2014, elizabeth_line_cld-jan_2016_final, elizabeth_line_network_map-jan_2016_final, NL map photo May 2016, NL spoorkaart_2016_opA4, NL spoorkaartin, Rotterdam Mondrian, London D J Lowten 1965, London Slatter 1991, standard-tube-map May 2016, london-rail-and-tube-services-map 2016

Added Elizabeth line title to Crossrail page and Abellio to East Anglia page.

6 June 2016

Added TOCs AS v18 June 2016, West Midlands v3, TPX map 3 routes, TPX map 1, transpennine_route_map_2016_120416

16 May 2016

Updated to ProjectMapping9

Added TOCs AS v15 Jan 2016, TOCs AS v17 May 2016, TOCs v35 May 2016

25 April 2016

Added hong-kong-shenzhen-metro-subway-map, Seoul metro map (Jug), taipei-metro-subway-map, tehran-metro-subway-map, wien-vienna-metro-subway-u-bahn-map

24 April 2016

Added Dubai metro-map-mapimg, Hudson-Bergen Lightrail map, Karlsruhe 2014, Karlsruhe curvy, Karlsruhe L0SCHI_DEZ11_Internet 2011, Lisbon Metro, losttubebig, Manchester bands map, Tunnel Vision, wonderland_transitmap, Singapore mrt radial Yilan 2013, Singapore_MRT_and_LRT_System_Map (Afor1).svg, Singapore-Future-Railway-System-Map

23 April 2016

Added Berlin Zero per Zero, London 2 ZpZ

19 April 2016

Updated 20 Rover and Ranger maps.

18 April 2016

Updated previous versions to Derby v2, Edinburgh v3, Glasgow v3, Leeds v3, Liverpool v3, Manchester v4, Newcastle Sunderland v2

15 April 2016

Removed Ian Allan and Thomas Cook page links from Resource page.

14 April 2016

Changed access to Singapore map 15 directly from home page

10 April 2016

Added Jug to Links page. Added exploremetro-hk May 2012, FutureMTRNetworkAfterMerger, MTR Urban Rail, MTR_Map, MTR routemap, travelchinaguide-metro, Urban Rail 2

9 April 2016

Started Jug Cerovic page while adding his maps to appropriate pages.

Added paris-plan-metro-subway-map, berlin-metro-subway-u-bahn-map, munich-metro-subway-u-bahn-map, beijing-metro-subway-map, chengdu-metro-subway-map, guangzhou-metro-subway-map, hangzhou-metro-subway-map, shanghai-metro-subway-map, tianjin-metro-subway-map, wuhan-metro-subway-map, xian-metro-subway-map, delhi-metro-subway-map, mumbai-metro-subway-map, boston-metro-subway-map, new-york-city-metro-subway-map, san-francisco-bay-area-metro-subway-map, washington-metrorail-metro-subway-map, moscow-metro-subway-map, saint-petersburg-metro-subway-map, osaka-metro-subway-map, tokyo-metro-subway-map, buenos-aires-subte-metro-subway-map, sao-paulo-metro-subway-map, toronto-metro-subway-map, Great_Northern_route_map, Thameslink_route_map 2014

Duplicated zero-per-zero Paris map to France page.

Started new 'Map Designers' and Hong Kong pages.

8 April 2016

Added madrid-metro-subway-map, barcelona-metro-subway-map, mexico-metro-subway-map

7 April 2016

Replaced Singapore v14; added singapore-metro-mrt-subway-map Jug Cerovic), Singapore MRT LRT 15, Singapore Train System Map 23022016

6 April 2016

Added detail-singapore-city-mrt-lrt-route-map, Singapore Bernie Ng, Singapore_MRT__LRT_Network_2012, singapore_mrt_map 201, Singapore-MRT-LRT-Network-2015-2016

2 April 2016

Added Metrolink v7 SCX

1 April 2016

Added northern-our-network-map, northern-our-network-map-step-free, ARN summary map, ARN all stations map, dublinarea1, IE intercity, TSGN key map 1276, TSGN Network_Map FWT JAN 2016, TSGN Route_Map FWT JAN 2015, Ave_mapa, 1280px-Tram_&_Metro_Amsterdam_2016, Great_Northern_and_Thameslink_route_map 2016.pdf, Latvian rail map BriedisUnIzlietne, Mexico-City-Metro-Map-October-2015, Proposed 2018 Thameslink service pattern, Southern_Network_Map 2016

31 March 2016

Added TOCs v34 April 2016 and TOCs AS v16 April 2016.

Added new Belgium page and IC train map for NMBSSNCB Belgium - Imgur, Belgium map_intercity_en, Belgium, full2, Dutch rail map

29 March 2016

Added InterCity map 1989, Iron_silk_road (, austrail (, NSW intercity-trains-network-map, sydney (, china_hsr (Johomaps), china-bullet-train-map, chinarail (Johomaps).

25 March 2016

Modified London Overground page layout to bring 'fried egg' layout to top. Added ACoRP-Map-presentation-to-Minister picture.

13 March 2016

Updated all 8 ASLEF diary pages.

11 March 2016

Completely revised 'Elsewhere' to 'World and grouped counties by continents, many new pages. Updated website to version 8. Added new China page with 5 Beijing and 4 Shangai subway/metro maps, glasgow_subway_ext 2007, Crossrail 2 (MR 6/13), Caldervale WYMetro, Huddersfield WYMetro, Melbourne regional R&C map, Northern Victoria VLine map, Thamesclipper tmtbl map, VWC disruption map, FTPX tmtbl map

9 March 2016

Got 'search' working. Checked 'links' and re-ordered.

8 March 2016

Added 4 x TPX timetable maps, Bristol metro map, LO tmtbl maps x 2, Grand Central tmtbl map, Main/Bergen County tmtbl map, Montclair-Boonton tmtbl map, Morris & Essex tmtbl map, North East Corridor tmtbl map, North Jersey Coast tmtbl map, Path map Espaniol, Raritan Valley tmtbl map

2 March 2016

Completely updated Rovers & Rangers page, added two maps Explore Wales Flexipass and Cotswolds Discoverer

29 February 2016

Added Southern on-train map, India_railway_schematic_map solid, Gatwick Express map, LHR_Train_Map, Mark & Cam picture, Quickmap London 2016, Thameslink_route_map. Created new website development page

27 February 2016

Added London Rail v30

26 February 2016

Added indian-railway-map, Chennai_suburban_rail_map_large

22 February 2016

Added Boston Rapid Transit w Key Bus, London_South_East Dec 2015, NetworkRail_L_SEmap 2015, Glasgow roundabout, Melbourne night network, Χαρτης-Δικτυου1

19 February 2016

Added Rich Cousins London tube map, Transport for Scotland rail map (screengrab from web map)

11 February 2016

Added Southern v2

1 February 2016

Replaced Manchester 2 with v3. Also added to Greater Manchester page.

27 January 2016

Added LO in-car map Jan 2016, L&SE map SWT 2015, SWT in-car suburban map

10 January 2016

Added West Midlands 1.7 and v2 to West Mids page, changed W Mids map on NRE page. Changed Leeds/Bradford on NRE page. Added London_Rail_Tube_Map Jan 2016.

5 January 2016

Added SWT networkmap 15, SWTaccessibilitymap2015, SWTAdvancedFares2012, Grand Central Dec 2015, Great_Northern_and_Thameslink_route_map, liverpool_circles, london-metro-subway-tube-rail-map Jug Cerovic, london-metro-subway-tube-map Jug Cerovic 2, Metro_coving_map_Round_1_short, london-overground-network-map Oct 2015, NY RegionalDiagram, Southern network map Oct 2012, tfl-rail-map

4 January 2016

Added London Rail v29, London Over-Underground 26, standard-tube-map Jan 2016, dlr mainline-rail-connections 2012, dlr-route-map 2015

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